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birchHR's mission

We take the headache and hassle out of hiring

birchHR makes it easier for you to source, assess, and hire the best candidate for the job. Elevate your recruiting process with a smart, simple-to-use solution that saves you time, effort and resources.

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birchHR’s Key Features

A full-suite solution that elevates your recruiting process from start to finish.

Automated Job Posting

  • Job board integration
  • Social media integration
  • DIY career portal
  • Customizable, automated pre-screening question

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Applicant Tracking System

  • Customizable and automated workflows
  • Resume parsing
  • Team Collaboration
  • Task Management

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Employee Background Checks

  • Automated background checks
  • Domestic and international checks
  • Reference checks

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Job Interviews and Offers

  • Easily compare, rate and review
  • Sync interview calendars
  • Template job offer emails

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Reports and Security

  • Real time reporting
  • Compliance & EEO data collection
  • Data security

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Invite team members to help and adjust their permissions to share responsibility for the hiring process.

Hire Anywhere

Post your job for one location, multiple locations, or select the ‘remote position’ option.

Your Workflow

Use our standard hiring workflows or customize your own to best suit your team’s hiring process.

Spread the Word and Hire

Sync with job boards, making it easy to publish your job post and attract top candidates.

Helping with the hiring process

Software should solve

problems, not create them.

Our intuitive design makes it easy to manage the hiring process from a single place. You can compare job candidates, communicate with prospective hires and collaborate with your team to get the right talent in the door.

About birchHR

Smart recruiting
with birchHR

birchHR makes enterprise-level recruiting features available and affordable for small and mid-sized businesses. Sync your recruiting with an easy, intuitive solution that saves time and money.

birchHR makes it easier for you to source, assess, and hire the best candidate for the job. Elevate your recruiting process with a smart, simple-to-use solution that saves you time, effort and resources.

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Find Candidates

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Keep On-Track

Manage applicants and organize your process. Vivamus vulputate euismod ex, a fermentum nibh euismod sit amet.

Save Time and Money

Unlock efficiency for your team members. Mauris accumsan est non leo interdum auctor non sit amet nisl.

Sync with Background Check

Procure reliable screening services for candidates. Etiam a felis et enim ornare blandit.

What our customers say

Amie S.Talent Acquisition Manager

We appreciated the fact that birchHR's team is very responsive and checked in with us to make sure our hiring process was going smoothly once we signed up. It's nice to work with a company that we can easily talk to (and even share our feedback with for future features to the system!).

Rachel M. Director

Before I started with birchHR, my process involved spreadsheets, sticky notes, and logging in and out of multiple sites to keep track of our applicants. birchHR made my life easier and helped prevent quality candidates from slipping through the cracks.

Josh R.Business Owner

Signing up with birchHR has saved me and my team countless hours being sucked into various administrative tasks. Finally, a system that doesn't take awhile to get a handle on, includes the tools that we want, and none of the nonsense or complexity that slows us down.

Frank S.CTO

We appreciate the ability to attract more candidates to our job postings and then collaborate internally to compare and contrast the candidates. Hiring is a heckuva a lot more straightforward now!

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