Applicant Tracking System

Take the stress out of managing your recruitment workflow with our world class applicant tracking system for small business. Customize workflows, collaborate with team members and manage repetitive tasks with ease using birchHR.

Customizable and automated workflows

Keep on top of all of your candidates applying for any of your vacancies with our fully customizable and automated workflows. Our applicant tracking system software allows you to review and compare candidates, then move them to different stages of the recruitment pipeline.

Resume parsing

Get a summary of every candidate before you’ve even reviewed a single resume with our resume parsing software. This enables instant categorisation and storage of each candidate’s personal details, saving you hours of work.

Team Collaboration

Make sure your hiring team are kept fully up to date and that everyone knows who’s doing what with team collaboration. Share resumes, leave and review comments, and collaborate on workflows. And no more manual team updates, with dashboard summaries doing the work for you.

Task Management

Repetitive tasks such as pre-screening, interview scheduling and rejection notifications can all be intelligently managed in one place. BirchHR will also sync events in your calendar and send email notifications when tasks are due, so you don’t forget.

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