Reports and Security

Get complete oversight of your recruitment processes and job openings with birchHR’s real time reporting. And have complete peace of mind with our robust data protection measures which ensures that all of your data is secured.

Real time reporting

Access key metrics in seconds using birchHR’s real time reporting. This includes pipeline analysis, candidate metadata and other business intelligence data. View this within the platform or download to Excel for offline analysis.

Compliance & EEO data collection

Our platform has been built to fully comply with all state employment regulations and EEO data collection. So if your business is required to file the EEO-1 report, with birchHR you can quickly and easily access this data.

Data security

No business wants to a data security breach on their hands. That’s why birchHR is secured with robust data protection measures to secure employer and applicant information. What’s more, you can assign recruiting team members access relevant to their role, meaning confidential information remains confidential.

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