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Our Story

birchHR is a proudly woman-owned and operated small business. After pursuing doctoral studies at Columbia University in New York, our CEO pivoted from medical research and lab work to working at the intersection of technology and human resources. Ever since, she has focused on serving small and mid-sized businesses with an Applicant Tracking Solution (ATS) that suits their unique needs.

By listening and learning from the insights of Human Resource professionals from around the country and across a wide range of industries, birchHR’s diverse, talented, and global team incorporated that feedback to develop a next-generation ATS that is easy to use.

Today, birchHR helps clients save valuable time and resources with software that is smart, simple, and secure. When HR professionals have the tools they need to manage the hiring process, they can focus on what they do best and what matters most. That’s why birchHR’s mission is to empower HR professionals to more easily, efficiently, and effectively recruit the right talent and build great teams.

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