Job Interviews and Offers

Ensure a fair and objective recruitment process and a level playing field for all applicants with birchHR. Our platform enables your hiring team to easily rate and review all candidates in one place.

Easily compare, rate and review

Make sure your hiring team are on the same page, by rating and reviewing all candidates within one platform. BirchHR makes it easy for small businesses to assess candidates during and after job interviews, with score cards and feedback forms.

Sync interview calendars

Take the hassle out of scheduling interviews for both your hiring team and applicants. BirchHR syncs interview calendars and sends interview emails to applicants, allowing them to choose an available time slot that’s convenient for them.

Template job offer emails

Once you’ve chosen your preferred candidate, use our range of template job offer emails or customize your own. Then keep track of responses and confirmations all within the platform.

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