Employee Background Checks

Simplify your applicant background screening and checks with birchHR. Our tailor-made employee background check for small business automates the process for you, enabling you to save time while still performing the same high levels of due diligence.

Automated background checks

Our two-click automated background checks do all the work for you and return results within 48 - 72 hours on average. Perfect for time-stretched small businesses looking to reduce the administrative hassle when onboarding new hires

Domestic and international checks

We understand that today’s small business teams are increasingly international. That’s why our automated background checks include both domestic and international database checks. So no matter where your new hire is from, you can have confidence in your screening process.

Reference checks

Process reference check requests and keep track of responses with birchHR. We help you save time and effort with email templates and contact details parsed from resumes.

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