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When it comes to hiring, small and big businesses alike strive to make their processes more efficient to save time and cut costs. Historically, enterprise-level solutions were only available to large companies. But today, even the small companies can take advantage of the latest hiring technology to promote their vacancies, identify the right candidates, match their skills and certifications with their request, keep track of the interviews, and more. 

What are some of these evolving hiring trends, and how can your growing company implement them in your hiring and recruiting strategies? In the article below, we’ll explore some of the most impactful HR trends of 2019. And, remember, the final goal is to help you work smarter – so you can use your valuable time on the most high-impact tasks for your business, department, or team. 

1. Faster Recruiting with Advanced Technology

You might be thinking that HR technology apps are designed for bigger companies and organizations with huge budgets, but take our word for it: There are plenty of solutions for your business, no matter the size or financial allocation you have for HR. Some examples of such technology are: 

  • Resume parsing that helps you simplify resume screening with just a few clicks to extract the candidates directly in your ATS/CRM program.
  • Advanced job posting tools, with job board and social media integration, and sometimes even automated pre-screening questions.
  • Multi-level interview tracking tools, where you can synchronize all your team’s calendars, and easily compare rate, and review candidates. 
  • A background screening tool, to get you the results you need with just one click, in less than 48 hours, while making sure that you are compliant with the FCRA laws and regulations. 

These are just a few honorable mentions, but there are so many more features you can use with the right partner and solution. 

If you want to learn more about our BirchHR solution that integrates all of the above, make sure to request a free demo , and discover how your recruiting and hiring processes can get faster, simpler to manage, and more efficient – in less time and with fewer resources.  

2. Using Social Media in Your Favor 

There’s no secret anymore that social media recruiting is gaining more and more momentum this year. According to The Manifest, 92% of small businesses spend their time and money on social media. So if you’re not leveraging social media for your advantage, it’s time to get started! 

But let’s assume that you’ve been doing it for a while and you want to take your efforts to the next level. Did you create a social media referral program for your staff? Encourage them to share the content (you created) in order for them to connect their existing networks with your job opportunities and get that referral bonus. 

Are you active on LinkedIn groups, or specialty forums? Do you have a dedicated career page on your website where you showcase your employees’ experience working and growing with the organization? These are just a few ideas, and if you would like to learn more about social media strategies for successful hires, read this in-depth article right here.

Acknowledge the potential of your employees’ networks, and make sure to find fun and interesting way to leverage it, in order to find perfect matches with your culture and business to expand your team. 

3. Make Use Of The Data 

Take a look at your recruiting processes. Do you think that they are consuming too much of your time? If yes, that means there are likely opportunities for increased efficiency using suitable practices or solutions for your business’ hiring goals.

Here are two key data points you might consider, to identify opportunities for improvement: 

1.Where are your candidates applying from? Many companies are surprised when they look at the data and find that despite wide-reaching recruitment efforts, the majority of their candidates are coming from the same few sources. Identify and focus on the channels that drive the most candidates, or, better yet, use technology mentioned above to simplify cross-platform promotion to take advantage of all the platforms with minimal marginal time spent.

2.Evaluate Your Hiring  Processes and Timelines: Get nerdy and look at the data. Analyze each step of your process and find your average hiring time, the main source of your job applications, the conversion rate, and the budget used to get the results needed. Understand how many candidates you need on average to get the right hire, and work backwards to calculate estimated time and financial investment to drive that number of applicants. This way, you will have a better picture of your process and you will be able to plan accordingly for future hires. 

Bringing It All Together:

There you have it: the 3 most productive hiring trends in 2019. Make sure to focus your efforts in the right places, analyze your existing data, regroup, leverage your social media potential, and of course, turn to an HR Technology Solution that will not only make your processes faster, but also more efficient, simpler, and compliant. 

Request a demo today to get started with BirchHR. Call us at 646-933-8125 and we will consult your business for free! Our team of experts will be more than happy to couch you into taking the best hiring decisions! 


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